We're open-sourcing augmented reality.



Whether it is your kids soccer practice or a date night with the spouse, keep yourself up to date with what's going on without falling behind. Don't keep your reminders deep in your pockets, put them right in front of you where you can see them.


When was that luncheon? Where did Sarah say we were meeting for lunch? How many days left till Mardi Gras? Google Calendar, Outlook, or your favorite calendar applications displayed anywhere, no more need to pull out your planner.


Play and see your favorite songs without skipping a beat. That sweet playlist you made? Jam out and find the perfect pump up anthem for whatever your plans are. See what your friends are playing and link up! Music has never looked this good.


Feeling like a millionaire? Why not check on it! While we aren't financial analysts ourselves we do know how important it is to get the full picture. From cryptocurrencies to traditional investments find a new way to view your portfolios.


Sunny with a chance of AR! With the latest weather forecasts right in front of you Myra helps you pick what to wear or what to bring so that you are ready for the day or night.

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