Visitors of the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show were both amazed and perplexed when faced with the myriad of “latest and greatest” smart home tech. It seems that everything, even the most menial of tasks, can now be automated with some connected device. As is the right of spectators, there is nothing left to do but enjoy.

1. Azuma Hikari

This is essentially the Japanese version of Amazon’s Alexa, except it features a blue, floating anime character rather than just a voice. Similar to Alexa, Azuma Hikarican can answer questions and control connected devices in your home. Unlike Alexa, Azuma Hikari actively engages in conversation, even texting you while you’re away at work, begging you to “come home early!” giving me flashbacks to the movie “Her.” Does no one else think its odd to buy an anime character as a roommate?

2. Egg Minder

You guessed it, the egg minder is a connected egg tray. This collaboration between GE and Quirky allows you to check in on your egg count while out shopping at the supermarket. It can also tell you which egg in your bunch is the oldest, so you can eat the oldest eggs first. The product is sleek and simple, as all smart home devices should be.

3. Floss time

Let’s face it, we have all lied to a dentist about our flossing habits at some point – but NO MORE! Floss time is here to pull us all out of our failure to floss. Floss time attaches to your bathroom mirror and dispenses floss when tapped. When you forget to floss, flosstime frowns, but when you remember, there’s smiles all around!

4. Porkfolio

The world’s smartest piggy bank is here and ready to rock your world. Not only does Porkfolio count your change, but it is also Wi-Fi equipped so you can keep track of your savings from anywhere! Porkfolio also notifies you if your piggy is on the move so that you can keep those savings safe.

5. Pavlok

Pavlok is a bad habit kicker. Basically this wristband shocks you anytime you engage in a bad habit, allowing you to associate the act with a negative stimulus, being shocked. I’m not personally up for being electrically shocked out of my habits, but I have to admit, the testimonials are pretty incredible.

6. Griffin Connected Toaster

This Bluetooth enabled toasted is controlled by your phone via a companion app. Never again will you suffer the under or over toasted bread in the morning. This connected toaster allows you to select exact how toasty you like it and even has settings for bread type, darkness, and gluten-free breads. Honestly, hoorah, this thing sounds pretty nifty.

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